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Jul 22, 2022
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Hi - I am seeking help for my 88 year old uncle. He has been a photographer most of his life and has recently decided to do Marco photography. He has set up his photography equipment but is struggling with the computer set up. He is based in Dundee. I am due to visit in a couple of weeks and would really like to get this sorted for him. I would be very grateful if someone can assist or put me in touch with someone who can help.
Hello and welcome, does he use any editing software..??
Yes but not sure what apart from photoshop.
I think what he is trying to do is put all his shots onto a pc next to his equipment but then transfer (somehow) to his main PC the one with the editing software.
You'll get more help if we know what he has and what he wants to do.
Ok. I‘ll contact him and ask. Thanks

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