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Help on a Wide Angle and Zoom/Tele Lens


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Jun 6, 2006
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Hey, oh wise ones... with christmas on its way and also alot of overtime for me, i think a couple of new lenses are on the cards.

First off, Wide Angle:
Ive used the search button and had a good browse for an hour or so, but im still undecided. I was thinking of maybe a 10-22mm sigma, the Canon altho the better lens, a bit over priced for me if i want 2 lenses, cause im greedy. What do you guys know and feel about this lens? Good for scenes and landscape shots?

Next up, a Zoom of Telephoto.
I guess i should reaserch but i guess someone could tell me the difference between the two sorts, in laymens terms :D
I quite like just going wandering with the camera around woodlands etc, and at the moment the 55-200mm lens i got, just doesnt cut the mustard no matter how carefully i creep and wear camo... the damm critters scarper. I also love my motoracing, something for these kind of purposes.
Again im on a budget here, so after as much for as little, however if someone can sway me, ive heard the L series lenses are cracking.

Which ones to choose i have no idea. My local shop would be this place, http://www.jacobsdigital.co.uk/, so help, advice, pros and cons and links to cheap products greatly recieved.

Ps, this is for a Canon 350D.. yes i know a body upgrade would be nice, but thats something ill look that later. Budget i would put at £1000 maybe for the two.... but cheap is always nice, if someone has something to recommend.

Cheers, Andrew
Pbase.com and FredMiranda.com - reviews and samples of nearly every lens out there for Canon.
Next up, a Zoom of Telephoto.
I guess i should reaserch but i guess someone could tell me the difference between the two sorts, in laymens terms
The two terms are not mutually exclusive.

Zoom: a lens that has a variable focal length...it could be 10mm to 20mm or it could be 200mm to 500mm.
Telephoto: A lens with a focal length that is longer than 'normal'. In this case, you could say that any lens over 50mm is a telephoto. It could be a telephoto zoom, 70-200mm for example....or it could be a telephoto prime (fixed focal length) like a 300mm lens.

I went with the Canon 10-22 over the Sigma or the Tokina 12-24...but it was more expensive.

As for a telephoto...what's your budget?
Cheers ANDS and Big Mike. For the telephoto id say £500? Maybe a bit more, or less, if it will get a better product, i know generally you get what you pay for. But you have to draw the line somewhere.
Well, there are 4 different versions of the 70-200mm lens in the Canon line up. They won't get you any further than the 55-200...but they are among the very best zoom lenses in terms of image quality. The F2.8 IS version is the best (& most expensive one) but the F4 version is quite affordable and very sharp.

There are a few 70-300 zoom lenses...most of which are not very good...at least they are fairly cheap. There is an IS version though, which is much better, and may be a good option for you.

After that, we get into the really expensive lenses. 300mm F4, 100-400 F4-5.6 L IS....and the list goes on and the prices go up.
the Sigma 10-20 is supposedly great. I've seen a few reviews and pics...all looked good. My uncle likes his.
I'd recommend the Sigma 10-20 and the Canon 70-200 F4L. But if you get that...you'll probably never get a cheap lens again...lol

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