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Aug 22, 2021
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Hi All

My grandad has asked me to sell off his old camera equipment

He has View master Camera Stereo matic 500 projector and film cutter

I'm lost at wear to start someone is selling the projector alone on ebay for £795.00 I don't know if this is a true price or not as its the only available available on there at the minute

All in very very nice condition stored in his attic for only know how many years

he also has glasses a plastic view reels and a metal film cutter and a 2nd projector but not as nice as this one

I've included some pics for reference is this really worth that type pf price or not

Thanks for the help in advance


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True value only comes from what a buyer and seller agree on. Asking price is not relevant. So someone could list a $1 for $1,000,000, doesn't mean it's worth a million.

Check ebay for "Completed Listings". That will be the true measure of value.

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