Here's a few more florals from yesterday's outing

Some nice ones here, although I do not know much about floral photography.

#1 is my least favorite, because it just looks OOF.

#2-#4 I feel would've been nicer had you isolated and focused on a single flower.

#5 is my favorite. Nice control of DOF and a nice close up image!
I like all of these. The colors of the flowers is remarkable.

Are these from Planting Fields Camellia House?

Thank you for your kind words, and yes, these are from the Planting fields Camellia House. Blth Green houses have been my sanity until spring finally gets here.
Thanks Angel for you CC. I keep on looking at picture #1, and honestly I'm not sure if it's out of focus or not. Will take another look at other photos of that plant and see if it's the softness of the pedals, or I just screwed up.

Picture #4 had the selective focus on the middle flower, but since they were all basically in line, they all are in focus.

This trip was actually my 1st outing using extension tubes coupled with my 55-200 mm lens, and I wasn't too sure about the DOF issue. Several articles and even a few videos on YouTube stated that with tubes to use the highest f stop of the lens. So that's what I did. In many photos the DOF was greater then I wanted it to be. Of course I only used the 12 mm tube, so that must have had a lot to do with it. I'm going to have to experiment more, and work it out for myself. I did use the DOF preview button, but once the lens stopped down, I really couldn't tell that much.

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