Holy Cow @ D800 High ISO!


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Jul 25, 2008
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Well, even though I have one on preorder, I've been pretty skeptical about the D800 at high ISOs. I ran across this blog, and I thought you might be interested in seeing the results. Some of the results are seriously impressive. What say you?

Blog - Cliff Mautner Photography

ISO. In my opinion, from the results I achieved, the ISO performance is about equal to a D3. It is in no way a D4, and wasn’t intended to be. It’s not a D3S either. You should expect it to perform close to the D700 and D3 with respect to ISO.

Looks good so far...can't wait to see it in my hands!
A lot better than what is to be expected out of a 36 megapixel camera but at the same time ISO 6400 doesn't exactly knock your socks off either. Still better than my D7000 so I'm game.
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I'm a ways off from a new body but as long as it can hold it's own against a D700 in the ISO dept it will probably be a contender. Really not loving the 4fps though.
Since the D800 isn't the direct replacement of the D700, it will be a balancing act to decide either higher MP or faster fps & higher ISO. Decision, decision.... Personally I think it is a good complement to the D700 or D3.
If you looked at the samples, the D800 is competing, and very well so, with the D700 as far as ISO is concerned. But the faster FPS is a definite. But even then. 4-6FPS really isn't THAT bad. I rarely use the 8FPS of my D300s. I keep it on CL for 5FPS shooting unless doing a GIF or something similar. So it would really make no difference for me.

Have you guys seen the low light video from the D800 that's on NikonUSA.com? It looks really good to me.
Yeah, it does look pretty impressive. I rarely use high speed shutter and I have another body that's capable if needed...hurry and deliver!
I'd say the sticking point for me will be the DX mode. I'm hoping you can use it even with FX lenses and that it will up the fps, someone said it upped it to 6fps. I would love the 36MP for macro and landscapes and if I can switch over to DX and shoot at 6fps at around 15MP with ISO equal to or better than the D700 I'll almost certainly go with the D800 when the time comes.
Nikon states the ISO performance is roughly equal to the D700 which in translation means close but not quite. I wouldn't expect it to be better. As far as crop increasing frame rate, yes it does according to the report and I think you'll need the grip to get 6fps. have to re-read.
Yeah. With the grip, you'll get 4FPS at 1x, 5FPS at 1.2x, and 6FPS in 1.5x DX.

Looks amazing. I don't shoot much digital so I can't really justify the price of even a d700, much less something like this (heck, I only paid $400 for a d300 recently and that was only because my d200 was giving me issues). If I were shooting professionally, I might be tempted by the d800.
Hmm. It is looking good. Can't wait to get my hands on it to test the ISO performance out!

Maybe it will be a worthwhile upgrade from my D7000 since I want to go full frame and the D800 can basically do the 16 MP DX mode anyways.

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