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    Apr 18, 2004
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    hello everyone,

    I have finally decided to make something for all of us, and to propose another alternative to photosig (I hate this system).
    So I created a site
    where everyone can expose its best photographs for a weight max of 300Ko each one (I think that it's reasonable, attention I have well say the best, not a series of 20 photographs of a diner in family)
    I have already put some categories and put some photos.

    The site offers a lot of possibilities (comments, votes,dowloads and some stats (the most rated, the most voted, viewed...)

    I let 70-80Mo free space , I decided that the photos having less votes, of views or comments will be delete (when the site will arrived at saturation)

    Of course you have to post YOUR PHOTOS, maybe if we are a lot I will propose to someone to help me being administrator with me.
    Each photo is validated by the administrator, so by me for the moment)

    I think that I said all, of course it is necessary to register to post, if you have some problems to register u, send me an email at I will create your account with a secret code which you will can change it after.

    see ya

    (sorry for my bad english, I m czech)


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