How crazy is your family???

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by luckydog, Nov 28, 2003.

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    Could be good for a laugh.....I guess i should also go first.

    A few years ago, my sister and her banjo pluckin' hillbilly boyfriend decided it was time to get married. They had no money and refused to take the easy way out and go to a registry, so they organised a wedding day i will unfortunately never forget.
    Outdoor service in a public park (right near the swings). My sister borrowed a white wedding gown off of her friend and wore red heels underneath it. Bridesmaids each wore whatever neat dress they had in a wardrobe. Groom and best man wore....wait for it....flannelette shirts, stretch jeans and polished black army boots!!! The wedding photos definitely tell a story :)
    After the service, everyone took off for the reception at a friends house, while the bridal party (in the back of my station wagon) stopped at the local KFC drive thru and picked up ten buckets of chicken! These were eaten by most (not me) along with various other oven fried foods like chicken nuggets, wedges and the like. I departed quickly (before sunset), before anyone associated me as being related to these people and bought some Thai takeaway and sat in my motel room watching movies.

    I can't believe that i came from the same gene pool :shock:
    Thank goodness someone checked the PH levels of the pool on the day i was created.

    This occurence was not a one off as they continue to amaze me with stupidity at regular intervals.

    Anyone game to spill the beans on their family????

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    the older i get the more i realize my mom is a little off-beat and is not exactly the person i thought she was while growing up ... about 2 months ago.. she changed her full name (first, middle and last) to something totally different, she even has 4 names now ... the strange thing, she changed it to something that is totally ethnic of a different race :lol:

    i think its a little strange after 50 some odd yrs, that she would do something like that now... the hubby really gets a kick out of it, i guess she's a little eccentric :eek:

    another thing about my mom, i think she was suffering from a slight case of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy ... it's where a parent oftentimes make their children sick or pretend their sick to get attention and she's a hypo-condriac (sp?)... my brother and i were always at the Dr. for any small ailment.... if we had a cold, we were at the dr. getting penecillian.. if we had a head-ache, my mom would try to convince the dr. to do an x-ray to see if we had a brain tumor :crazy: ... i have a younger brother (about 14 yrs old now) ... he's going through the same thing ... poor kid :? ...

    other than that... she was a good mom. but i find myself being over-protective of my hubby when he gets sick :lol:

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