how do u do ur borders?? stupid question but yet...


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Dec 24, 2007
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i'm asking how do u do the borders on the pictures, it's really obvious and easy, and i how how to do it on PS, but what are the easiest way possible...

i dont know if there's a software for that or any easy way to do it...

jajajaja!!! i feel so stupid with this question...
Are you posting them online or printing them? Because I know a lot of photo labs have an add a border feature.
i know of the photolabs and lightroom also have a feature to print them with border but i want it online...
i do the expand the canvas thing, i was just curious about other ways of doing it
Once you get it to where you want it, you can go back and make an action of them, it gets tireing when you want to do 10 at once, where as you can just batch edit photo in PS.
yup, i made an action too. Really simple to do. Probably (most likely) can find it on google. You can use it on a batch of pics then too.
If you own your photo site, then use CSS class border for your photo preview.

By adding a class, it will be applied for all photo. Its time saver :)

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