how weatherproof are the plastic Nikon's?


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Jun 3, 2013
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I am out at the cabin today and it is gloomy and drizzly. When i went outside there was a giant woodpecker happily attacking a tree about 75 yards from me. I almost dashed back inside after my brand spanking new d5200 and 70-200 lens but the light drizzle of water from the sky deterred me. How safe is it to take these new DSLR's our in weather? It was not raining but there was enough moisture to be noticeable on my glasses, not enough to grab my umbrella.
Bah moisture is a non issue. I wouldn't take a D5200 outside in a storm like I would say a D800 but it should still be somewhat weather resistant.
None of Nikon's DSLR's are weatherproof, but the ones that have at least a metal top and back plate have weather sealing that makes them more weather-resistant than the all plastic chassis entry-level cameras.

Even the all plastic Nikon DSLR cameras have pretty decent weather-resistance.

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Yep have had a D40 up to 20min. downpours. D80,D90 couple of hours in drizzle.
All including me needing a good toweling off and we both keep a click'in! :p

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