I have to sell ad space, need help.


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May 10, 2007
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Well as the title states I need to sell adspace for some websites, problem is I don't have any sales/marketing skills to sell them. Photo Lucidities parent site Fanart Central is on the brink of bankrupcy because the sites owner uses crappy (sometimes creepy) adagencies that don't pay for crap for the same reason I am making this thread. The biggest problem is the current ads do not appeal to the demographic of the sites and as you can imagine no one is clicking them.

The site it self with some three and a half million visits in 08 the site is not exatcly an upstart, but it has not attracted the advertizers that would most benifit on a site of that nature. I need to go to them and try to get some ads that are more tuned to our demographic. This limits my choices considerably so, I need some experienced advice on how to approach potential advertisers so I can try to sell them adspace on FAC and PL without comming off as SEO spam.
if you want to seel the place att first you make advertisement. than inform your friend.

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