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Discussion in 'Landscape & Cityscape' started by Ducks_own, Jun 13, 2006.

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    It was the first time the Sun was visible from my house for a few weeks... I had to get my camera....
    Sadly, I think these shots suck... But, what about everyone else?


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    Well, I'm afraid ... :oops: ... I have to agree.
    I would not say they "suck".
    But they are no "good photo", either, no matter how you treat them in Photoshop. (Oh, I just see that they are all three different frames).

    Well - even though I am sure the sight of the sun from your house was really nice (why have you not seen it in weeks? Have we in Germany subscribed to it too much? For we've had nothing but sunny days since the beginning of the Soccer World Cup...), the surroundings, that wilderness, the fence, the power lines, the other house - all that looks distinctly unappealing. And the lens flare you got by photographing right into the sun is not helping to "calm down" these busy pics, at all, either.

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