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Jul 22, 2003
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i have a few questions that i could use some help on. first, what is the difference between c-41 and e-6 processing? second, what does it mean to "push process" film? third, what does film ISO mean? fourth, what is a panalure print? fifth, what is an internegative? and FINALLY, what is a full frame print? these are questions i cant seem to find the answer for and need help from some people who know these things. THANK YOU
c41 - color negative process

e6 - color transparency (slide) process

push processing - typically used to develop pushed film. if you shoot a 200
speed film at 400, the developing process must change.

internegative - i do black and white work and i use internegatives for
alternative processes that require contact negs. i simply expose a negative
onto another negative which results in a positive image on a negative.

panalure - paper made by kodak for printing color negs in black and white

full frame print - a print that is 'full frame in' is one that hasn't been cropped.
some folks actually print the sprocket holes as proof of full frame in.
oops; forgot one.

iso - iso, asa, and din are all film speed ratings. film speeds are based on the speed of reaction of the heel and toes of films. a lot of photographers rate their film at a different speed than is suggested on the box as they seem to be somewhat optimistic.
you're very welcome.

i might also add that there are black and white films that go through the c41 process.

there's a lot more that can be added to each of the explanations above, but without knowing your particular application, would be too exhaustive to type.

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