I took these with the crappiest of cameras ...


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Nov 19, 2007
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Chicago suburbs
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Just felt like putting some pics up. They're not good but here goes.
I like the bike pics because the paint looks looks so glossy and the frame and swing arm look so shiny. I sold this bike. I think the pics helped quite a bit. The 3rd is the 17 year cicadas we enjoyed here in Illinois this summer. The pics of them came out pretty bad, but I had to take some. Afterall, I'll have to wait 17 years before I can try again.



The swing arm on the bike is blown out, that is why it looks so shiny, which is not a good thing. As for the last picture, nothing of significance is in focus. Keep your chin up and spend some time on the forums, you will learn a lot.
Thanks for the feedback. I took these pics with a camera phone! It has absolutely no features. You get what you get. Thats why I need some equipment!
nicely polished frame though...
Clean machine. I think you missed the focus on the 17 year cicadas. I loved when we had them here in Virginia several years ago, unfortunately I didn't own a macro lens.

That's a big chicken strip on that rear tire and man does it have a flat center. Wonder how many burnouts you did on that. :)
Heya Kavi_T, welcome to ThePhotoForum.
I moved your post out of The Beginners' Place into the General Gallery since The Beginners' Place is more designed to be a Q&A-forum for beginners to the hobby, while the galleries are for showing photos, no matter if they are beginners to the hobby, newcomers to the site, pros, seasoned amateurs or whatever. OK? ;)

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