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Feb 15, 2010
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A while ago I posted a link, thanks for your suggestions..

None of those photos made it to the finals, but one of my son and I by a dolphin did (and another image which didn't make to the last round), and I won the grand prize. This summer I decided to enter some contests, so this is my first "win", kind of exciting.
Here's the press release on MSNBC... Minnesota Zoo announces 2010 photo contest winners - Local News - Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN - Minneapolis-St. Paul - msnbc.com

NOTE: I asked the zoo if it counted if I framed the shot and adjusted all the camera settings for exposure, etc. but someone else actually pressed the shutter release, they said it counted.

This is the image from a zoo "Dusk to Dawn" overnight sleepover at the zoo. It was a very memorable time for my son and I, now made even more memorable. They are also going to display the image on a wall at the zoo (which I may get when they eventually take it down).

Congrats, timing is sometime everything lol. Cool capture.

Thanks! Since we were there on an overnight there was a trainer there, so the dolphin was around reacting to trainer commands and stuff.

Hey, your blog is fantastic. Your collection of images there is super!!

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