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Jul 7, 2010
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I know many new people here don't know how to upload image here or if they know they upload it mammoth size which bother both parties so I thought why not help

I suggest using picasa or photobucket

1. upload your picture to your album in picasa or photobucket or any site you like if they provide embed image share option like picasa n photo bucket do

copy the code by ctrl+v and and select image size large 800PX

2. Go TPF and click "insert link" button

3. you will get this box, now past the code in the box and click ok will get two images plz delete one by just select and delete.
just repeat the process for next images

5. for photo bucket the option is in the left side , you copy the code as we did last time and past in the insert link box of TPF

here again also you will get two image delete one

;)I hope this will help some of new or non tech. user of TPF
Have you ever noticed this_sticky at the top of this very section of TPF???
But thanks all the same for all your efforts.
yes I saw,
But i think this is more help full and less complicated
that sticky post is complicated bulky and lot's of option in that thread is for paid member only. free user don't find that thread helpful
I did not .
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