In terms of any fave photo/s taken so far, what's currently your most treasured one/s


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Dec 18, 2008
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In terms of any favourite photo/s you've taken so far, what's currently your most
treasured digital memory and please say why ?
In terms of any favourite photo/s you've taken so far, what's currently your most
treasured digital memory and please say why ?

So far? I can't decide. Either the first trip I made to the zoo with the camera, coupled by the fact that it was on my honeymoon. Or probably when I got to photograph the very young ducklings at the uni campus. I just loved watching them through the viewfinder. Although I think the memory of the honeymoon is going to stay with me longer though. Between the zoo and the beautiful sunrises over the ocean, it was a lovely week.

PS: I like the thread! I can't wait to read other responses.
Probably the time I was hired to shoot the porno scenes. Yeah, that *totally* happened. :sexywink:

But seriously, I have no idea. Half the time I take pictures just to remember I was there and what I saw, otherwise I'd forget. That's why I have almost no recollection of when we went to Estes Park other then the very few activity that I took pictures during. And that was like 2 years ago. :er:
Every time I get a decent shot of a first for me bird or other critter.
In the past year, there have (finally!) been quite a few shots that I am fairly proud of--macro shots, artistic shots, and as baturn said, then there's every time I get a decent shot of a "life bird" (that is, a bird I didn't have before). AND every time I get an even BETTER picture of a bird I *did* already have.

But, my most TREASURED photo?? Given life in general right now, it'd have to be this snapshot, taken on my cell phone last December when I took my mom to Nashville for a vacation with just the two of us:

Treasured...would be some pics I took recently of my son and daughter...they were together smiling, just having fun...and I look at these photos and think ...someday they'll be out on their own. My son is in college, living at home and my daughter's got one more year of high school. My son wants to move to Japan after college and my daughter will be off to college soon enough....They are my everything and these photos, just are dear to my heart.
This keeps changing as I continue to grow with my skills. At this moment in time, it is a set of pictures that I took of my Grandmother, who is 84. Her health is fading and I wanted to be able to record this time as memories.
Photos of my 5 year old daughter taken in Maui in 2008.

Took these with my first DSLR (Nikon D40) before I learned what "fill flash" was or how to shoot in bright conditions...

[/URL] DSC_0241 by jwbryson1, on Flickr[/IMG]

[/URL] DSC_0239 by jwbryson1, on Flickr[/IMG]
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This one is the one people like the most.

this is what it looked like before I chopped it.

as for me I can't decide between these two.

This photo, because it was very lucky that I got this shot. "It" only lasted 5-10 seconds. I dont think I will ever catch this shot in the wild again. NSFW-lol.

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Snapping the first pic of my son after he was born. Hadn't even wiped the goo off before I snapped a pic.
This one. Just very thought provoking. From Flt. 93 Memorial in Shanksville, Pa.
Not very good overall "photo", just the one I always come back to...
Since I just recently went to digital and mostly dropping bombs for photos, but With some practice and a better zoom lens,I would have to say this is my favorite and most proud of. A Northern Flicker eating a insect off the tree.


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this one, because it was one of my first macro shot, and I spent lots of time in the woods, lying in the green moss and having all my senses wide awake. A beautiful experience

Fern-awakening by MiFleur, on Flickr
these are my favourites from this year so far. I add to this album when I get an image that I feel qualifies. Will probably print them in a photo book at the end of the year.
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