Inappropriate use of a telescope tripod


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Jul 14, 2003
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I found this shot last night and as usual thought hmm what a shame it didn’t come out. IT would’ve been a miracle if it had, I was using a friends Sony P5 with it hooked upto my telescope’s eyepiece, I was trying to track this boat that was like, quarter of a mile away with a Equatorial mount that is designed to track things as slowly as possible! It was never going to happen. I was pleased with the colours though, which is why I attempted it because as the sun was setting behind me it turned the sea that beautiful blue.

Even though you "missed the boat" :lol: you still got a nice clear shot. If i were you i'd be pinching your friends P5 again and taking some more photos.
I also would suggest trying this telescope thing again. if you got a good shot out of this, you definitely wouldn't regret it. it would be worth a try in my opinion.

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