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Nov 22, 2007
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Thought I'd "say hey" to everybody. New to the forum (this one, anyway, fairly active on others in different topics), and as this appears to be the broadest and most active, I figure I'll stay around and annoy y'all a while.

I've been a casual photographer most of my life, preferring SLR's over snapshot cameras most of the time. Got the bug from my dad, who still hand-tinted his negatives. Currently have a Canon xT (replacing the Minolta 5000 AF), the EF-S 18-55 kit lens, a 70-200 f/4L, and a Promatic 4500 flash (yeah, I loves my old gear!). Got a (used) Bogen 3221 coming to replace the tripod that's older than the rest of the stuff.

I have absolutely no talent, but just enough skill to fool the clueless--occasionally. I pretty much just like to take pictures, and want to continue to improve, because I believe I did have an eye for it at one time. Hopefully, the more magnanimous will share insights without whipping my ego or brand choice too badly. ;)

I try to be a decent forum citizen - I'll never flame or troll, and almost never say anything snarky (unless it's terribly funny). Rest assured it'll always be in good humor. I'll never post opinion as fact, and never post fact without being able to provide reference. Oh, and never a reply of "LOL" or "FIRST!" or "what he said". Not too concerned with post count, quite honestly.

Anyway, have a happy turkey day. Mine's still brining, gotta be up early to start smoking it. Mebbe post some shots on what real barbeque looks like... :D

EDIT: And yes, I'm also apparently a moron - I didn't see the Introductions sub-forum. Sorry!
Brined and smoked... good effort. Infinitely more interesting than simply roasting it.

Welcome to the forum, glad you're here.

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