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Dec 7, 2011
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Hi all.
Totally new to photography apart from point and click, got a canon 600d with the 18-55mm kit lens.
I'm amazed at the great results from still pictures however when I shoot video I get a line of interferencey shakiness about a centimetre high across the full width of screen.
This ONLY shows up when camera is moving !
And a little if something colourful passes right in front of lens.
Is this a fault or am I being a clown with my settings ?
Let me repeat I'm a TOTAL beginner so don't assume it's not a basic childlike mistake I'm making. :-0 help
this section is for still film you should get more help in the digital section
this section is for still film you should get more help in the digital section


To the OP: Post a sample image.
post a clip.
Sounds like it might be 'rolling-shutter' issue.

Since the T3i (600D, Kiss X5) is primarily a still camera, the way the CMOS image sensor is read is one line at a time starting at the top of the sensor.

When the camera is moved while shooting video the top part of the moving scene gets recorded before the bottom part of the scene does.
Does it show up in the recording or just on the camera's screen?
Hmm will post a clip Tomorow.
I'm 99 % it ONLY shows up during playback
I think he means this section is for film as in rolls of film, that you load and develop, not films as in movies ;)
Ahh gotcha, I was confusing film and erm film.
Anyway. Upon mentioning to a workman at home I was informed its a definite fault but I will update on here ASAP for the benefit of future posters with a similar problem when I hear back from canon :)
Could it be a firmware issue? Im new to this stuff but I know at least on my phones weird things like this have happened and a firmware fix has fixed camera issues before

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Ok. So the camera got back from hospital with NO FAULT FOUND I emailed a video clip clearly showing the fault but again they claimed they couldn't see it.
Turns out only I can see the fault on MY monitor presumably as it dosnt run in hd ?
Anyway I emailed a sample to myself and opened it on my iPhone and the fault was gone yet still there on the pc monitor.
Sooooo it seems my pc monitor is unable to show the rich and pure intense images my 600d is throwing at it ?
Anyone got any thots ??????

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