Is this the best angle


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Oct 10, 2015
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Is this best angel for capturing this movement

I'm not seeing the picture... looks like it didn't post.
I probably would've taken it from a lower angle, almost eye level with the two girls. It puts more distance between their heads and the background and would make for a more intimate composition. Also, you want to leave a bit of breathing room between the kids/baby and edges of the frame so they aren't cut off. Do that by zooming out a bit or taking the shot from further away if using a prime lens. It looks like you widened the frame in post and cloned the background a few times. When doing that, try not to replicate spots that contrast heavily against the rest of the background like the white spots and small areas of really dark shadow. Clone it like you have then go in with a smaller brush and hide the really light and dark spots by cloning some of the flatter grass onto them so those spots only appear once in the image. I hope that helps :)

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