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May 20, 2007
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I have the 17-85 IS. It only has the 1-mode image stabilizing, that helps with camera shake. I know this won't help when panning, but would it actually have a negative effect when panning? I mean, is it best to turn off the IS when using it to pan with a race car?

At one point, I looked back through photos I took with this lens, and they all seemed a bit OOF or blurry of some sort. The shutter speed was ok, but I wondered if maybe I forgot and left IS on, having a bad effect... Any ideas?
I don't know much about IS, but if it's a gyroscope, when you pan horizontally, torque will try and move the lens vertically-- (i think) which might make taking clear pictures a bit tricky
I'm in the same boat - I don't have any IS lenses. But the idea of IS is to stabilize the lens to aid in taking a sharp photo. It assumes you want to keep the lens still, but it moves a little. Intentional movement will be interpreted as unintentional and it will try to compensate.

Having said that, I'd try it out both ways and see which works best. If you want to be sure to get sharp photos on race day, go somewhere you can sit and watch traffic on the street and practice there. :)
I'm not certain, but I think that you will want to turn off IS when panning with that lens. That is essentially why the higher end telephoto lenses have that 2nd IS mode...because the first mode isn't meant to work while panning.
That may be a good questions to run by Canon support. I figure with only onemode of IS, it will not be as effective in panning. Do not know if it is detrimental to focus though.
I'm not too worried about the focus issue, but I am worried about IS trying to correct the intentional camera "shake" by panning.
All of Nikon's VR lenses automatically detect panning, I'd be surprised if Canon's IS didn't.
I think I remember reading somewhere (review or something) That it would work while panning if used on a tripod, and if not then off would be best.

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