*istD and battery grip with Extras!

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    Item for Sale
    *istD and battery grip with Extras!

    Asking Price

    Item Location
    Irvine, California

    Item Description
    Sadly, I have finally decided to let my *istD go.

    This is the camera I reached for when I wanted to capture images that meant a lot to me. Although K-X I'm keeping does take great images, there is something about images from *istD that really captures me. However, I cannot afford to keep two cameras and decided to let this one go.

    The camera is in Excellent condition with no flaws I can see. I dare-say I cannot see a single scratch on the body. I have treated the camera with care and it treated me well in return.

    Comes with the following:
    1. *istD body
    2. Original D-BG1 battery grip
    3. 2x CRV3 Lithium Ion battery - much lighter and lasts longer than AA
    4. CRV3 charger
    5. 4x Twicell Rechargeable battery
    6. Original Pentax *istD neck strap
    7. Transcend CF 128mb to get you started
    8. Nagiwara Sys-com CF card PCMCIA Adapter
    9. Body cap
    10. Hot shoe cover
    11. Original *istD box with manual (Japanese)
    12. Original D-BG-1 Box with manual

    If you need, I can also include a L flash bracket with wrist strap.

    Please send me a PM if interested.

    Thank you!

    (I also have manual fast tele zoom, SMC-F 70-210mm, tripod and nikon gear for sale)

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    Item Condition (Key)

    Shipping Destinations

    Shipping Charge
    $20 (more for international)

    Shipping Services
    USPS Priority Mail

    Accepted Payment Types

    Return Policy & Additional Details
    No Returns

    Please send me a private message if interested in the item!



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