It's football time!


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Dec 20, 2009
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Pop warner ball at it's finest. As always c+c welcomed and appreciated.


I dont see much interest in these. They are all pretty small, so its hard to see if these are actually sharp

1- Would of been improved if you were much closer in on the kid's eyes, but kept the hands in image. Too zoomed out for my taste. There is too much head room on the top

2- Just a continuation of #1, so yeah, pretty much same CC. The face seems under exposed

3- Meh, again too zoomed out. Too much space in the back, too much space on top, not close enough, dont see any eyes or faces, the image is not straight, dont like the ref blocking part of the frame. Comes off as someone standing straight up on the side lines pointing the camera nice and square, no zoom, not much thought, and just hitting the shutter. Actually, might not even be the sidelines, might just be from the bleechers.

You really need to get in closer to the kids to capture the moments and expressions. Shooting from far out like that just isn't too interesting. Dont get me wrong, I'm sure they make great life snapshots that are fun to share with family and friends, but I dont see them as photographs..

Your signature lists a 75-300...where you using this lens?
Your signature lists a 75-300...where you using this lens?

Yes thats correct. The biggest problem is no sideline access. I can't tell, maybe you can, but what is the lens focused on in the player close ups? I'm beginning to feel like this lens is just soft. I have 5 GB of shots that aren't sharp. It seems like the only ones sharp with this lens are the ones taken from a tripod. It's probably just me.
The 75-300 is an entry level, consumer lens. It does have reach, but the speed of auto focus and quality of the image is often low.

You can look at the 70-300 f/4-5.6 IS as a replacement. Should be around $600 or so. Great upgrade, I picked one up for a trip in March.

Or if you really want to see if the issue is you, your technique or your lens, rent a 70-200 f/2.8 IS L for the next game. Places around here charge $35 for a weekend to rent this type of lens, which is not too bad. Great to try before you buy.

If you want to see what the lens if focused on, then you'll have to put up a bigger image than that, or post up a link to where it is located (flickr or whatever) that allows to view something bigger. As it is, small images are hard to tell where the focus is.
They are all crooked.

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