It's just a tree.


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Feb 25, 2020
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Great composition on this. I love the arching branch and the tiny sliver of sun.

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Nice silhouette and sky color also.
I work real hard at this lately. Been coming home dirty every night, sneaking through the woods all day.
Somehow, I have set a standard for myself. It's not anything that I meant to do. It's just that when I get a really good shot, topping it, or getting something just as good
just doesn't happen. It's not for lack of effort. It's just that every shot isn't going to be a great shot. Watching and looking at some of the things you guys do, I'm almost embarrassed to post something like that flock of ducks from yesterday. I just know I can do better. But I didn't with that image. I just hope I made a comeback from that abysmal failure with this one.
Sometimes it takes all day long.
I've been out in the swamps of Louisiana all day today. I'm tired and I'm dirty and I need a shave and a shower. And some clean clothes.
I had a can of sardines for lunch while I was out there and when I opened the can, it splattered/dribbled down all over me. I wasn't holding it right when I popped the top and I was laying in some odd position like I was playing Twister or something. I could have done better with that. This is life.
I don't take nothin for granted in this life and that's why when I got home, and saw all of this, I wanted to say thank you to every last one of you. And this forum.
Means a lot to me.
That is a ripper shot mate. Love it!

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i can almost smell the swamp gas. great shot.
Non-photographers do not realize how hard it is to find the perfect single tree, the perfect lighting, the sun/moon in the perfect position etc. You’re hard work definitely paid off with this one.
Just wanted to say thank s again

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