I've lost my mind... shooting 8 kids!

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by jenn76, Dec 13, 2008.

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    A friend called me yesterday and asked me to shoot her kids and their cousins tomorrow, so they can use the photo to give "Grandma" of all the grandkids for Christmas. My response reminded me of a "King of Queens" episode where Doug is thinking one thing, but saying something completely different. So as my mind was saying, "Are you nuts?!?", my mouth was saying, "Sure, I'd be glad to do that for you!". So at 130 tomorrow, there will be 6 boys and 2 girls between the ages of 1 1/2 and 14 (2 in the youngest category, most being between 4 and 8) in my little home studio. I can figure out some poses, etc, but I'd love tips on how to actually get a photo with all of them looking in my general direction, and a smile would be a bonus. :lol: Too bad they're not all old enough to understand bribery!

  2. Don't stress them out. Nor yourself, nor their parents.

    First of all, dress them the same - all should wear white or black t-shirts, for instance.

    Then let them play, and just follow them around. Get some nice shots of two or three of them playing. Then try to get them into a group shot for 10 minutes every 15 minutes. Expect to spend about two hours shooting.

    Then give them something to do... a lot of instruments, or maybe they should all wrap something in nice paper (preparing a present for Grandma)... it will be infinitely easier than just trying to get them to pose.

    Finally, for one of the posed group shots, bring a tripod. Set up the shot, and just fire away. Get enough DOF to be able to turn off AF. You may get a perfect shot, but more likely you'll get a few where one kid is not quite right... but you'll be able to cut-and-paste a head from a different frame over the bad one.
  3. Oh, and instead of cheese, think of a funny word. "Gilly Gilly" (rhymes with Silly) always works wonders when I shoot kids.
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    My niece was 3 and was bribed with cake to do her ballet recital.

    Give bribery a try. :lmao:

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