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Mar 15, 2009
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I went to Jamaica last year to spend some time with my family and to celebrate new years. Here's a few photos I took of the different plants on the island. Feel fee to C & C.

1. Chocho

2. Sorrel

Around Christmas holidays it is boiled and turned into a drink with or with out rum added. All the times I've had it's had rum in it lol.

3. Ackee

Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica and ackee and saltfish is the national dish. It seem to me someone always likes the ackee more or the saltfish more. I like the ackee more but will still eat both. I wish I focused on the Ackee instead of the leaves >.< Oh well I still like how it came out.

4 & 5 Gungo Peas

It is most commonly cooked with rice, making rice and peas. Gungo peas are very tasty and one of my favorite peas.

Thank you for viewing and enjoy!
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Bummer, these aren't the "Jamacan Plants" I was expecting to see.... :sexywink:
haha sorry to disappoint. I actually wanted to get a photograph of those "plants" but never came across any this time around :grumpy: mabe next time :D
maybe not the jamaican plants everyone was thinking of, but great photography nonetheless. my only critisizm would be that number two is a little busy
Bummer, these aren't the "Jamacan Plants" I was expecting to see.... :sexywink:

Exactly what I was thinking. When I went to Jamaica back in 1989, the only noticeable plants I could find anywhere were true "Jamiaica plants" :lol: I remember being on the beach, which was backed up to someone's back yard that had plants growing that were probably around 7-8 feet tall. They came equipped with 2 BIG guys with guns in the yard as well. You talk about scarey! :confused:

I like the pictures and there are unique plants there.

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