Jennifer Lopez suing baby stroller company over photo?


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Dec 13, 2007
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J.Lo sues stroller company for $30 million - Access Hollywood -

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have filed a lawsuit against the makers of a baby carriage to the tune of $30 million.
The supercouple filed the suit in a California District Court on Wednesday against Silver Cross Ltd, claiming the company, which has outlets in the U.S. and U.K., used a photo of them to help sell a baby stroller.
In addition to asking for more than $5 million in damages on six of the eight claims, the couple have asked for attorneys fees and profits associated with the sale of the baby buggy.
$30 million? Wow!

Is this the fault of the stroller company or the photographer? Could a photo of celebrities be on stock photo sites and that is where the photo came from?

I'm curious of people's thoughts. Image theft/copyright infringement, model releases, advertising, etc come up for discussion all the time here. Thought this would be a good discussion.

$5 million in damages? What damages could come from this happening?
its the stroller company's fault if they use there picture to sell there product. Doesn't seem like a far stretch to me at all. Regardless of who took the picture... right or wrong, if that company just decides to use the picture without her consent and royalties and what not... then that's illegal. I am just going from the blurb you posted tho.. is that the whole article? or just a section? just wondering so I can read more if there is more to read.

$5 in damages... well ya I mean there are pictures of her child now... there are some creepy people out there, that could use that picture for a number of stalking reasons and stuff.

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