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Apr 24, 2012
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Sherwood, AR
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Day out practicing with friends. None have been edit. Tried to eliminate 2 of Bear's pictures and leave space, but this app does not always work.

#1 AR river $image-511300024.jpg

#2 Habitat for Humanity Ark Headquarters $image-3606696811.jpg

#3 $image-1418666549.jpg

#4 Bear, our always willing poser $image-585089237.jpg


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I like #1 but am not sure about the exposure or colours. #3 I really like a lot.
Thank you! I like the train the best, too! Fun to have people to photograph with.
I want to straighten #1 just a hair and change the white balance. I really like #3 but would have liked more DOF. That's just my non-professional 2 cents worth.
That train is a cool shot. Maybe try an 8x10 aspect ratio. Not sure you need all that sky (though maybe the blue balances all the yellow)

I like the crown you gave the bear. Nice to have a cooperative subject ;)

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