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I like those stranded boats. You should get some closer shots :)
#1: I like the contrast in this and the composition. I find the shadows peaking in on the left hand side an unnecessary distraction
#2: love this one. The difference between the abstract shapes/lines on the left is a perfect foil for the wide open spaces on the right. Just wonder if the bridge pillar should be straightened?
#3: a "painterly" effect. Love to know your post processing here. lots of character in this image - lines, colour, texture. Nice work.
#4: Fabulous concept here. The dicotomy bewteen the old and new is stark. I wonder if it was possible to show a bit more on the right so that the flag was not cut off and we saw the whole old building. The other perspective might be to only show half of those old buildings. At the moment, it looks like you just clipped the end of the building. I hope you have explored this scene and have lots of others. I think you have the potential for a wonderful series on the "old v new"
#5: In my opinion, this is the one that misses the mark. If I am reading your intent, you are trying to show the context of abandoned/marooned boats. The most interesting elements are the boats but are hidden by (imho) scrubby plants. I think the emphasis should be the other way around - boats in foreground with the desolate environment in the background. Wide angle lens would produce some wonderful images here. I hope you can revisit this site - I would love to spend a day here and come back time after time to capture the different moods of the scene. Great find.
Thanks for posting - I enjoyed the series.
#1 (color of the earlier one) and #2 are excellent; but the remaining three should be given a second thought.
The rubble in #3 does not render itself artistically
in #4 the wooden huts must have been fully within the frame, provided it was not that long; the a cut out flag is a sure no no
in#5: the boat in vision looks oof where as the the other boat behind the bush looks sharp

Regards :D
Not sure if this is an improvement. To tell the truth I never paid paid a lot of attention to the flag while I was shooting the pictures. And yes Frequency the building is actually pretty long. i considered cropping out the plants on the left but decided against it.

Ace the effect in 3 comes from using a filter in PSE called Diffuse/anisotropic. It's a little tricky because it's not a filter that you can
adjust. What I did was reduce the image to 50% then created a duplicate layer, applied the filter then set the transparency to 40% percent, flattened, sharpened and then reduced the the size again.
I like #5 the most. it is not only about the boats, it is also about the environment which the boats are in. I like that they are obstructed, it heightens the sense of place while evoking the feeling of misplacement, abandonment. My only concern is that the boats are not in sharp focus.

I also like #4, but I think that there could have been some other compositional choices here. Still, I like the tension which is evoked for the same kind of reasons listed above - and a harmonious composition would have broken the feeling of misplacement. I prefer the original to the one posted above.

The others I think are a bit humdrum, IMO.

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