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Jul 27, 2006
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Hey, its been awhile since I've posted but thought I would just drop by and post a few photos.

Fist I was Downtown and on one of the court buildings I noticed this pattern on the side of the wall. It was a quick snapshot but It turned out pretty good I think.


Second this is a car outside of my work (I don't work for the restaurant but rather the theater on the other side) I did some minor color editing as this was originally in B&W.


I'm looking forward to your comments!
I really like the first but maybe go back when there is a blue or more interesting sky, and I like the composition of the second but the focus is on the words "specials and sundaes" and not on the car.
I really like the first one, I think its a really cool design that they have and you took a great picture of it, at an interesting angle!
it's unfortunate that the sky is blown out. but that's something you can't really fix a whole bunch. You could have exposed 1 stop lower probably andi t would have helped bring your highlights down...but the sky would still be blown out.

You did a great job on both...but the second, I think you should have used more DOF to get both the building and the car in sharp focus.
Both are great, but I agree with Coldow about the second one.

And since I am very bored right now and you state that your photos are ok to edit, I edited the first one a bit... What do you think? Remove it and forget it ever happened? lol

I like the edit, though it may be a little too bright for my taste in B&W. Either way its nice.

Both shots were spur of the moment and I just felt like getting a photo and wasn't too worried about small details. Which is why the shots aren't in the critique forum.

In the first it was an overcast day so even if I did stop it down I'm pretty sure you would still only see white. I may have to go back and re-try it.

For #2 I had just walked out of work at midnight and liked the scene, both car and building looked pretty sharp on the LCD so I didn't give it any more thought. I may go back and try this again soon aswell.

Thanks for the comments, exactly what I was looking for! :D
My only complaint on either one of them comes on #2. The feel of it gets thrown off just a little bit by the flat tire, but it is not enough to destroy the picture, just my opinion.

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