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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by Aayria, Jun 24, 2010.

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    So.... taking a break from the highly entertaining thread :lol:

    Here's a picture I wanted to share from yesturday:)

    My favorite parts are that I caught her just as she was making her incredibly adorable "raspberry" noises, and her fuzzy hair was blowing widly in the wind:heart:

    To my eyes, the focus looks sharp, but I wondered if it was just me or not. I also tried something a bit different when editing the eyes, and could use some feedback as to whether it works nicely, or if it's too over the top. For editing, I tried to mute some of the other tones so the blue of her eyes would really pop, and I liked the overall soft toned result:)

    Oh, as a side note.. I think she's getting off pretty easy with all these pictures. I need to go upstairs and empty out my children's piggy banks for all of these awesome pictures I've been giving them!

    (sarcastic btw:mrgreen:)

    Thanks for viewing, as always!


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    Hahahaha, love the expression and the little fuzzy hairs. The focus looks nice and sharp to me too. I can't decide if the eyes look overdone to me or not. I think I like them though. They're definitely the focal point of the picture. She's a lucky kid to get all these free headshots. :wink:

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