K10D and Older Flash Compatibility


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Dec 23, 2007
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Ontario, Canada
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So I was spoiled and recieved a K10D for Christmas. I have also "inherited" a Pentax K1000 ('76ish) SLR and the lenses and the flash that my dad had for it. Funny storey, only the 80 200mm is useable (the other wide and macro lenses get jammed when you try to take them off...trip to the pentax factory....end of story). The flash is a Vivtar 2800 which was purchased maybe 10ish or more years ago. When you put it in the hot shoe of the K10D it is a little snug but works totaly fine. As a comparision on the K1000 it slides in very nicely and slick.

So the question is a tight fit a bad thing in the long run? I was just hoping so save some money and have a half decent external flash till I polish my skills and require a more expense/nicer flash.

Thanks a bunch
It'll work...but probably won't be auto anything.

Almost any flash will work in any camera...just they won't give you TTL yada yada.
Yah Im aware that I wont have anything "flashy" I was just wondering if a slightly snug fit may cause damage to my shoe.

Thank you though Sideburns

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