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Nov 1, 2018
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Aye Mates,

Me buddy Jim is getting a new truck and putting a six hole Ainley chassis - mount dog box on his new GMC 3500. I purchased his 2017 Mountaintop Custom Kennel 3-hole slide in unit. On board 12 gallon gravity fed water, closet fore of the three roomy boxes, internal lighting, LED airing lights and back up lights. single top-mount fan handles all 3 dog holes, internal wireless temperature monitor, louvered ventilation on sides and doors, raised metal framed beds in each hole provide a cushioned ride for the dogs. Two drawer locking storage underneath the box unit. Deep cycle marine battery with inverter.

The lads will be traveling in fine style during the coming bird season.

Mike ☘️

Hi Mike. You are posting in a forum meant for critique so I am going to give you my two cents, for what they are worth.
Contrast and saturation: You images are most often of higher contrast and saturation than I find pleasing.
It could be as simple as calibrating the monitor you work on. Check out this site. LCD monitor test images

Composition: The second image in this set is a prime example. You have cropped so closely the image loses interest. There is no room for the eye to wander, nothing to discover.

Subject matter: Here is where you shine. You have beautiful dogs and are clearly passionate about them. Do them a favor. Stop oversaturating them ;)

Just my opinion Mike,

I must say I have to agree with Richard, sorry.......
I can't add much more but its a fine looking truck and box.

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