Kamera Werstätten Patent Etui Luxus


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Dec 13, 2011
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This folding camera Patent Etui Luxus is incredibly compact.

Kamera Werkstatten - Patent etui Luxus 6,5x9 low def.jpg

Manufactured circa 1925 by KW (Kamera Werkstätten) in Dresden Germany, the 6x9 cm format camera, while folded has the dimensions of a lady's make up powder box.

I had the chance to find it with its original plate holders and accessories

Kamera Werkstatten - Patent etui Luxus low def 022.jpg

It is fitted with a nice Tessar lens on a Compur shutter

low def.jpg

There is a black leather version next to it on my shelves

Kamera Werkstatten - Patent Etui low def.jpg

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Surprised I miss this post Daniel :D

I guess from just looking that they are 9x12 not 6.5x9 cameras. The plate holders are different to the KW 6.5x9 ones I have (two variants) which have a unique catch to show unexposed then exposed, I don;t have a 6.5x9 Patent |etui just 3 wallets of 3 plate holders.

Very nice, I keep meaning to use my KW 9x12 but we keep it in Turkey, my film inserts and 9x12 film are in the UK :D

A size comparison:


5x4in Crown Graphic, 9x12 Patent Etui and a Zeiss Ikonta 520 (6x4.5). Hard to imagine that the PAtent Etui negative is almost the same as a 5x4 same length just narrower.


That's the Patent Etui alongside a Rodenstock 9x12 camera (rebadged Welta).

Beautiful cameras and useable . . . . . .

The two Patent Etui presented here above are 6,5 x 9 format.
Both are fitted with a 1:4.5 f: 105 mm Tessar lens on Compur shutter

Quite recently, I got a third one that was, I suppose, less expensive because equipped with a Meyer Gorlitz Anastigmat Trioplan 1:6.3 f 105 mm lens on a Vario dial type shutter.

Kamera Werkstätten - Patent etui [582] small 001.jpg

But I had it together with the rollfilm 120 adaptor on the back.

Kamera Werkstätten - Patent etui [582] small 002.jpg

One advertisement from amateur photographer 1925

Amateur photographer 1925.jpg
A.O.Roth the importers of Meyer into the UK sold Patent Etui cameras with Meyer lenses, I have some BJPA adverts somewhere. They sold unbranded Leica's as well with their f1.5 lens.

I'll check the adverts when I'm in my darkroom later today. Now I see the last image of the 3rd camera it's claer it's a 6,5x9. All my 6.5x9 plate holders are quite different to yours.


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