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Dec 13, 2011
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Some new ones joining my collection:
Still in search of new items in yard sales and flea markets, I got some new cameras last month.
First of all a French stereoscopic produced by Jules Richard between 1913 and 1924. It is all metal protected against corrosion by a special surface treatment leading to a bluish colour

Jules Richard - Verascope N°2 bis [778] small 001.jpg

I also got a decorative pseudo TLR called Dauphin manufactured by Alsaphot (East of France)

Alsaphot - Dauphin [779] small 001.jpg

I must add an Italian beauty. A Comet 3 launched in the market by Bencini circa 1969. Shaped like a mini movie camera, it produces 3x4 cm negatives on 127 films

Bencini - Comet 3 [781] small 004.jpg

I also got a Signet 35 from Eastman Kodak. Quite scarce where I live

Eastman Kodak - Signet 35 [785] small 006.jpg

And a nice bakelite folding from Zeiss Ikon. The model Simplex (I wanted one for a long time)

Zeiss Ikon - Simplex [786] small 001.jpg

And an early version of the Patent Etui made by Kamera Werkstaten in Germany

Kamera Werkstaten - Patent Etui [784] small 003.jpg

And an English one produced by Coronet especially for the French market. With its unusual blue front and blue leatherettes .

Coronet - Ajax [789] small 005.jpg

To finish with an Argus A2B

Argus - Argus A2B [783] small 003.jpg

Without talking about a Foca sport from Foca, a Vest Pocket 2 from Ansco because I don't want to bore you .
Those are all lovely pieces. The Comet 3 is very interesting.
I love it too.
It is my second one. I got in the past an other version of this unusual camera.

Wonderful collection of very interesting pieces, love that old styling and machining.

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