Kata 3N1 22 - As a carry-on "personal item" for air travel


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Jan 31, 2012
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I just purchased a Kata 3N1 22 for a trip I am taking to Europe from NY. We have one inter-Europe flight as well. I was wondering if this bag is too big to fit underneath a seat measuring at H: 44.0 cm W: 23.0 cm L: 23.5 cm (17in x 9in x 9in). I already have a carry-on luggage and was hoping that this could be my "personal item"... but seems kinda thick at 9 inches to fit the under seat space.

Any experiences with this or similar dimension bags as secondary carry-on items?
I have traveled w/ my Tamrac - Model 5788 Evolution 8 backpack as my personal item on United and Continental and never had any problems. I also have a regular carry on bag that I take w/ me as well. I have never had to try to stuff either under the seats but have been able to keep both in the overhead.

That backpack had my gripped 60D, 24-70, 70-200, G12, GoPro, Mac Book, cords, chargers, and adapters. No one has said anything to me so far.
I think you will be fine with both in the overhead. Just try to get on the plane early and stake yoru claim on the limited overhead space.

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