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Apr 20, 2010
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what do you think? Honestly I don't think I did too bad for my first time...all taken with my 50d and 50mm 1.8 mainly in the f2.8-5.6 range

this was my first time using my flash off camera, it was a lot of fun and the possibilities are endless!

full res images are here:Zenfolio | RL Digital Media | Kate

here are my favorite:





From my unprofessional point of view, I think the 2nd is kinda weird? Because the background is underexposed. Maybe you could've used slow sync? Also, placement of subject in 4th is also kinda strange in comparison with background imo.
But the 1st and 3rd is quite good, especially her smile in #1. I like kate :p.
I think they're all pretty good, except #2. It has a deer in the headlights look to it. More ambient light in the background would have looked a lot better.

For all of them, you should try to use the sun to your advantage to create highlights/rim lighting like you did in #4. It's like adding another strobe!

Another comment: the highlights on her dress look a little blown out in spots, more so on certain shots. It's really hard to photograph a model wearing white, I know, but be more careful of that next time.
well.. honestly.. i really like kate..
shes beautiful!

it is fun to experiment for offcamera flash...
#1 is my fave of the set... but, i wouldve also tried to use a reflector as the composition is good , the lighting is almost spot on, but her eyes are lost.

for #2its actually growing on me, but a little more ambient light wouldve been better
#3... I like this one, but I wouldve had her tilt her hips back a little, as it makes her look a little wide there.. but .. the use of negative space is good but the sky is blown out
It looks like you got a bit aggressive with the sharpening, or does her hair always look odd like that? It's glaringly obvious in 1 and 3, I'd go back and fix that if I were you. 2 looks like it could have benefited greatly from a longer exposure, unless the almost black background was what you were going for.

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