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    I have a Kodak EasyShare z1275. It's nothing fancy, just a point and shoot. I don't really mind it, but the macro is absolutely horrible. I was told that there's no lenses for the camera, but I decided to look around anyways. I found this on Amazon:

    Amazon.com: 0.5x Digital Wide Angle Macro Professional Series Lens + Lenspen Cleaning System + Deluxe DB ROTH Accessory Kit For The Kodak Easyshare Z1285, Z1275, Z885, Z650, C1013, C913, C875, C813, C743, C713, C653, C613, C513, C433, C643, C533, C66

    (sorry for the link!)

    I'm just looking for opinions. Does anyone think it's legit or a worth a try? Or do you know where I could find some reviews on it or other lens options? Pretty much any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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