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Konnichiha, From Maryland


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Mar 1, 2009
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Hello to everyone. I've been at this photography thing for a few years. I got started because of my wife. Interestingly enough she is the photographer and I am the one who is good with Photoshop. I use the term 'good' very loosely.

My wife like I said has always dabbled in photography; She wanted a new camera and decided after seeing a friends camera that she would like the same one. It turns out the camera is a Rebel XTi. Well, because she comes from a film background a lot of the new things that came along with her camera were hard for her to figure out. Since I'm the one that has more patience I read the manual and found sources online to help figure out how to utilize our investment. Along with having to fix several photos that my wife took I wanted find a better way to help her shoot so that I didn't spend so much time in post-production. Through that process I came to realize that I really enjoy taking photos. Which brought me to this point. Although I am not a the point where I really need a better camera I have used a few others such as a Nikon D60. I feel that soon I will outgrow my current setup.

Again hello to everyone, I look forward to learning from this forum.
Welcome aboard.

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