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Aug 26, 2010
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Olive Hill, Ky
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I don't do much landscape photography, and I actually forgot completely about this shot. I was waiting on a client to show up for a maternity shoot at the location and I walked around a bend and straight ahead this scene was just opened up like this. What do you guys think?

By the way, I would usually crop the top down here, but for now I decided to leave it because the clouds were so dynamic.

I think the bottom portion is too dark. Did you expose for the sky? I think if you could maybe dodge the bottom portion to show the path way that leads to the tree and clouds would be nicer.
I honestly don't remember how I exposed it. When I said earlier, I meant earlier this year during the summer. I'm pretty sure I was just kind of running through the other shots from the day and did a quick edit on it and pretty much forgot about it after that haha.
i agree the foreground is way underexposed... could prob have bumped the exposure up a little without losing relevant detail in the clouds...
Really nice sky, but I agree about the bottom. You were probably just too enthralled with that sky. Here is a literally 2 second edit..ok maybe 5-10 seconds haha. Also, are you aware that you are saving in AdobeRGB?

oqzvhh by GooniesNeverSayDie11, on Flickr
Wait what's wrong with AdobeRGB? Thats what I'm saving in ...
I like the composition of the shot, but just as stated above, the foreground is way underexposed.
Nothing is wrong with it. Unless you are printing at home on Inkjet, chances are, you will need to be in sRGB. The main reason why I mentioned it is because it might be causing problems when uploading online if you often see pics not displaying right.
Yup thats what happened with my blog. I didn't realize until BigMike did an edit for me that I was saving in ProPhoto profile and it was making them way darker on the blog and other places uploaded.

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