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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Andrea K, Jun 15, 2005.

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    ok, now that problem #1 is solved, ill move on to the second one (i seem to be having a better day today *knock on wood*) my laptop was in the hands of my brother and all was fine when he borrowed it and he probably had it for a couple of months. then i finally took it back after much agitation and i havent touched it in another few months...mainly because he had taken the cd drive out of it and if i looked at it it just pissed me off :grumpy: last night i get the courage up to just deal with it and put it back i put the cd drive into the spot and attempt to turn it on and what comes up on the screen? "no bootable device" wtf does that mean? well, actually i know this one, because its happened three times before :confused: yes three times...the hard drive is screwed :confused: i guess i really dont need any advice because i know whats wrong, but if this was the first time that this happened it would be a question of what "no bootable device" means.

    by the way, it is a dell...i seem to have quite a knack for buying things that break alllllll the time...this will be the fourth hard drive that they will soon send me (i have to call soon but im just not ready to wait on the phone for a few hours) in about 2 years...well not really two years more like a little over a year because i went through three in about a 2 months and have had this current hard drive for almost a year to the day :p but the computer is almost 2 years old.

    alright well thanks for reading...again! :thumbup:


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    Four hdd's? What the?!?! Was Tyson using it for training or something? That'd explain why he's crap as well.
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    You got a bad machine. I've had Dells for years and never lost a single hard drive. Heat sinks a couple times, but not hard drives.

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