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Last gasp of fall

Colourful trees but the colour pop is not for me. I'd much prefer to see it in full colour.
I've always been partial to selective color, but unfortunately it seems the majority of viewers aren't. In my experience I've found that "less is more" with this approach (IE a single red apple in a basket of apples) otherwise it loses the effect.

You have a bold composition, but in this case there's to much color. Perhaps if you dropped the color on all but the front tree, it would do a better job of achieve the pop you were looking for.
I like it, works fine for me given the intent of the photographer. Very nice!
I like color pop on 'particular' pictures but to me, this isn't one of them. Maybe it's because the sky is so bright it takes away from the pop, a darker sky perhaps may've looked better. Just one opinion in an ocean of them.

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