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Last photos from Colombia 2022


Been spending a lot of time on here!
Jun 16, 2015
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Sadly these are tricky to find and photograph out of water
Turtle, Parque de las Garzas, Cali, Valle de Cauca, Colombia

EF7A1881_Turtle by davholla2002, on Flickr

These are cute
Central American agouti (Dasyprocta punctata) , La Minga, Valle de Cauca, Colombia
EF7A1914_Agouti by davholla2002, on Flickr

Yellow-headed Caracara,Daptrius chimachima, Santa Marta, Colombia - much easier to see than birds of prey in the UK. You can see birds of prey in the UK but not with the same level of success
EF7A1975_Santa_Marta by davholla2002, on Flickr

Carib Grackle, Quiscalus lugubris, Santa Marta, Colombia
EF7A1996_Carib_Grackle by davholla2002, on Flickr

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