Last Trip to Joshua Tree National Park


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Aug 15, 2006
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very cool picture
i love joshua tree national park.
i love the desert.
if you want some new desert stomping grounds try anza borrego. theres a hike with a waterfall at the end of it. somewhere in the park. and beautful wildflowers in the spring. and Ive seen bighorn sheep there.
heres a site to get more info

its my favorite desert park.
Thanks HattieShay.

My projects keep me in the Mojave and AB is a bit south although I've seen and heard it's the place to be during a good spring wildflower showing.

I like Joshua Tree, but spending the last 4of the last 6 weekends out there I think I need to head north for a bit.

In two weeks I'll be going up to a place called Renegade Canyon. It may be the largest, and most definitley well protected (inside China Lake Naval Weapons Base) petroglyph/archaeological site in California. A week after that, a land survey looking for sections and traces of the Old Spanish Trail between western Nevada and California south of Death Valley. I love this place-

You ever been to Apple Valley, CA?

Come see the Mojave;

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