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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Viajero, Feb 24, 2006.

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    Feb 20, 2006
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    For my Maxxum 5D should I purchase a Sigma 70-300mm lens for 50 dollars, or a Minolta 80-210mm lens for 189 dollars?

    I really just do not want to lose quality in my images just to save some cash. Will the sigma colors be more washed? Will the images lost quality in one way or another? Or should the Minolta and the Sigma be relativley the same quality, just different companies, and different locations for the zoom, focus, etc...

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    I've got a sigma 70-300 EF-S lens for the 350D which does loose quite a lot of sharpness once you start zooming past about 200mm, not sure how well that would translate to the Minolta to be honest but if it's any help, here is a link to a pic taken at 300mm with sharpening applied in photoshop, approx 75% mag. I wasn't using a tripod and it was freezing cold so there may be a bit of shake there as well...
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    I have the 70-300mm lens. It is not as good as some but it's not a total dog either. The Minolta lens I've never used so I can't speak on that. I'd say if you can, take your camera with you and try both on it. Whichever provides the better results should most likely be your pick.
    Let us know which one you choose.

    btw I have the 7D.

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