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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by ian5940, Mar 13, 2007.

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    So I've been looking into getting a DSLR for a while, and found this site helpful in my decision, and have a few questions for folks out there. I've gone back and forth between the Nikon D80 and D200, like I've notice many others, and have decided on the D200, given my habits of traveling often, and need the ruggedness of it offers over the D80. The only problem is, that it's more expensive and cuts into my ability to get better quality lenses at the moment, which is disappointing, as lenses are very important. I've read a lot about the greatness of the Nikon AF-S DX 18-200mm VR, and wonder if anyone has any experience with similar lenses made by Tamron or Sigma, and could tell me if I'd notice a difference in quality and durability.

    I'm starting out in the DSLR world, and am looking to do a wide range of photos (I'll be traveling for the next six months around the midwest/northeast, shooting stuff from city/urban to landscape/nature and anything inbetween). Any advice on other lenses I should go with?

    Also, what memory cards have people found to work well with the D200?

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    Welcome aboard.

    I own both the D80 and the D200. They both take great photos, both have the same resolution and are both durable. I favor the D200 because of shooting speed, response and buffer size. Other than those every other difference is minor to me. (It also feels better but that's just me) ;)

    Anyway, my opinion is that the D200 is not a good starter SLR unless you are familier with photography. There are no auto modes on the D200 unless you set them up. This is most likely a minor thing but it is a big issue for those who choose to start with a pro SLR.

    I would think it would be a better investment to buy the D80 and by better glass. Someone with a D80 and nice Nikkor glass will be able to take better pictures than a D200 with a Tamron or Sigma. Granted with the D200 you'll be able to take bad photos really really quickly! :lol:

    I know it's the person not the camera... blah blah blah. I admit that people with skill can make do with cheaper equipment, but having good glass is a need if you ever want to do anything with photography other than point and shoot.

    Anyway it all comes down to your comfort level. For travel photography I like a very wide angle and a tele but thats personal preference. While I don't favor the 18-200 VR I know many who use it as a travel lens and they love it.

    Buy the D80. Buy better glasss. Take better photos. :thumbup:
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    Go with the D80 and better lenses. And sure, you might have a rugged D200, but will your lenses be just as sturdy?

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