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Jan 5, 2009
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Is there a big difference between the Canon brand lens hoods and the knock offs. I know you typically get what you pay for but once its on its on and obviously has no moving parts or much to go wrong. Just curious I can get the two I need from Ebay for about $15.00 and free shipping, or about $60.00 plus shipping for the Canon brand.
Any bad stories about the Chinese brands?

Any thoughts?
I don't see how much of a difference it would make, but the chinese ones, could be flimsier, or not have the felt lining, but for $15 I guess it's worth it to buy them and see how they are. Just make sure they are the right ones, to fit your specific lenses

Generally - the cheap ones are "one size fits all" hoods, while the Canon one will be made specifically for that lens.

The "one size fits all" hood will not work as good as the one made specifically for one lens. It will either be too long (causing vignetting) or too short (letting in light that a longer hood would have blocked) most of the time. Plus, they usually screw onto the filter threads (the Canon hood does not), so you will not be able to use any filters with it.
Here is a link for one if it works. It says it is a replacement for the ET-60 which is the hood listed for the 70-300 that came with my camera. There is another page for the one for my 18-55 also. As you can see they are $8.80 with no shipping.

ET-60 Lens Hood for CANON EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III USM - eBay (item 250335596115 end time Apr-30-09 12:24:44 PDT)

The only thing I noticed is that they have 100 negative feed backs in the last year which seems high however in that same time that have 36,500 positive feedbacks. The ones that I saw negative were shipping related not product related. So if I can find another supplier with better shipping any reason not to get it. I saw one guy from California that had them for $11.00
OK, that looks the same as the Canon hoods - not what I was talking about earlier.

It *probably* is the same exact part... For about $10, I guess it couldn't hurt much to get one & find out.
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I bought a knock of hood for my stupid 28-135 from adorama. Figured that because I rarely used the lens anyways, I'd save a few bucks with the knock-off. Anyways, the knock off when installed isn't in the right position. It locks on a little off of being right. Looks stupid, and I will only buy Canon hoods now.

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