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Apr 5, 2010
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Hey all,

Total noob here and I have a question about two Nikon lenses.

I currently have a D90 with an 18-105 f3.5-5.6 that came with the camera and am looking at getting another lense. There are two that I'm looking at and want to know what the advantages each will provide and also the downside.

Nikon AF-S 35mm DX Nikkor F/1.8G

Nikon AF-S 50mm Nikkor F/1.4G

The reason I'm looking at thes two is because I'm looking for a lense that isnt a zoom lense, and will capture better images in low light and because of the lower fstop in these lenses, they will do better than my 18-105.

If someone could enlighten me on the advantages / disadvantages of these two lenses, I would me most greatfull!
One is longer than the other :p

the two lens you mentioned are both in your focal range..

maybe you should try playing with the one you have at 85mm / 50mm and see which one you like better?

i have a 50mm f/1.4 for Canon. Love it. But to be honest, I almost never use it at 1.4 cuz the DOF is just tooo smalll. 50mm Is almost always wide enough for me since i shoot mainly with a 70-200mm and am more used to framing it in that length. Up to you :)
Set you current lens to 35mm and look through the viewfinder, then set your lens to 50mm and look through the viewfinder again.

Which view do you prefer?

Or, go out and shoot with your zoom lens set at 35mm and then 50mm and see which focal length is more useful "to you".

It is some what meaningless to compare 2 lenses with different focal length because in a particular situation, if you need a 35mm lens to obtain the result you need, then you need a 35mm lens. The 50mm may not work even is that is the best 50mm lens you can get on the planet that cost thousands of dollars. Hope that make sense.

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