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Dec 12, 2007
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I'm not sure which lens would suit my purposes best. I'm looking for a nice zoom lens that's not too expensive but still very nice. Like $200-400. I like to shoot wildlife, landscape, and i would really like to take some shots of surfing from the beach. Can anyone suggest a good lens that will work with the canon eos 30d and rebel k2?
You won't find any lens that can do all of that well, regardless of price.

Landscapes- Typically you want a pretty wide lens. a lens from the teens-20s millimeters in length

Wildlife- probably do ok with a 200mm ish zoom

Surfing- your going to need something long; 300-400mm for starters.

You could probably find a super-zoom that covers something like 18-200 like Nikon has in a canon equivalent(third party probably), but it will likely not be "very nice" or within your price range.

Identify what subjects you shoot the most right now, and buy a lens that suits that, than add to your collection over time.
Just about every lens choice is a compromise of some type. A zoom lens will rarely be as good as a prime (non-zoom) lens...but of course, the zoom can change it's focal length. Many zoom lenses, especially the less expensive ones, have rather small maximum apertures...which makes it hard to get fast shutter speeds...and you need fast shutter speeds when shooting action (sports) or anything in lower light.
The better zoom lenses and many prime lenses have larger maximum apertures (F2.8 for zooms and often bigger (F1.8) for primes). This too is a compromise because lenses with large apertures are bigger, heavier and more expensive.

Of course, for most people, cost is an issue...so when you can't afford the best tool for the job, you are making a compromise in some way...image and/or build quality for example.

You may need to think about what type of shooting is more important to you, and see what you can afford in that area. For example, wildlife and surfing will probably require a long lens...maybe around 300mm. You can get a cheap 70-300mm zoom lens for less than $200...but there are a few compromises. There are several better options...but not many for less than $400.
yea that's what i thought. I'm definitely going to need a faster shutter speed for surfing and wildlife. I've seen some 70-300mm lenses that are like $200, but i'm not sure if they will work for what i need.
would this be a decent lens to hold me over while i save up for something better. I need something now and i really don't have the cash to buy anything over $350. I still want something decent but i don't want to waste my money either.
I would say 'go ahead and get that lens'. I have it, and it's not all that bad. It's a long way from top of the line...but that's what you get in this price range.

To get something better, it's going to be at least twice the price...and it goes up from there...so this will probably tide you over until you can afford something better...or maybe you will find that this lens does a good enough job for you.
For surfing I think that the 75-300 will do alright, In sunny weather, same fore wildlife, you may struggle a bit early/late in the day, but I think that It will be a good start.

Do you have a kit lens with a fairly wide end to it? I know they have a bad rep, but a kit lens will still give you some pretty good landscape shots.

The thing that I think about Is that even a "kit" or otherwise "cheap" SLR lens is still about a light-year ahead of most P&S in terms of quality.

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