Lessons from a Wildlife Photography Trail


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Feb 6, 2010
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India’s leading newspaper Times of India and travel company Yatra.com organised a one day safari to the Turahalli Forest Reserve near Bangalore – US $ 13.50 inclusive of Guide, breakfast, lunch and fruit juices.

The group of 21 identified the different bird, butterfly and camouflaged reptile species, and learnt how to photograph them.

Some interesting take homes from the safari: a) most said the quality of photos depended on the price of the cameras and lenses used; b) it was a one day fun escapade from the humdrum of life and a glimpse into natures beauty, the hills and exotic wildlife; c) learnt 70 to 90 % of wild life photographic skills from the guide Mr. VS. Bayar; d) the group comprised of retirees, professors, techies, doctors, corporate employees and few wild life photogs – aged between 70 & 26.

Unfortunately I missed the event, being tasked to meet a prospective groom for my niece.

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